Your laptop/PC is getting older and not performing like it once did. Your contemplating spending money on a new one? Unaware of alternatives like Linux, some people are ready to discard older working PC/laptops when it comes to upgrading to the latest Microsoft has on offer. Linux breathes new life into older hardware with unrivaled performance. With Linux you can accomplish all the same things you use your computer for today and in the majority of cases software is superior to what you are currently using. If this has sparked your curiosity check out my easy to follow tutorials

I heard it said many times “everyone has at least one book in them”. Well my book happened by accident after I was given some old photographs of my adventurous and extraordinary Great Uncle. One showed a young man posing in Royal Irish Regiment uniform (WW1), another was a passport image of an older ranked army officer then very strangely one with him wearing a German WW1 issue officers uniform. It did not occur to me then my curiosity would lead to the discovery of interesting and somewhat mysterious stories and me becoming an author.

Having traced my direct lineage back to the late 1600’s I have published my ancestry here along with the context of the life and times they lived in. All information is validated from primary sources and for any researchers who discover a possible family connection with mine, feel free to get in touch. Sharing your ancestry and stories with your children and family is the most rewarding aspect of genealogy and a whole lot of fun besides. If you do not know where to begin, check out my “6 Tips to get you started”

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Photography changes the way I see things as I began to notice that beauty is all around me. The way we see the world is unique, and photography lets us share our perspective with others. Fortunately memories and captured moments can be immortalised as it is our experiences in those moments are what let us learn and live. Photography is a powerful tool providing a visual reference of our personal experiences and a way to connect with others. Here is just a small sample of some of mine.

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OK, so my website is a mixed bag of interests but at its heart is my strong advocacy of the Open Source philosophy which is rapidly changing the way people think about both technology and society. For a non-technical example, vast amounts of informative content is being released as open source on sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube and WordPress, with people sharing their ideas,views and thoughts for free to anyone who wants to listen, watch or read.

In the world of technology and computers, many people could have never predicted that a system based around communities collaborating online working for free could have such a big impact. Open source embraces the philosophy of sharing freely without discrimination, and because of this technology is becoming more accessible. A computer for $30 (Raspberry Pi) with free software is now a reality and concepts such as patents and piracy are decreasing. Open Source empowers you to share your ideas as much as you like. This provides users with a freedom that is not obtainable from restricted and costly proprietary products and creates remarkable opportunities for everyone around the world, especially in developing countries or deprived areas of the western world. The Linux operating system (a “free” alternative or replacement to MS Windows or MacOS) is a shining example of this, in fact it because of Linux the term Open Source exists today.

I have over 25 years’ experience as an IT Professional successfully delivering technical and business solutions in the Pharmaceutical, Retail Distribution, Civil Engineering and Information Technology sectors. In my spare time I apply my true passion by offering my services in a voluntary capacity to assist disadvantaged individuals and families. Among other initiatives (like my online tutorials) I accept broken or decommissioned laptops/computers, refurbish them with free open source software (FOSS) before placing them “cost free” in the hands of local marginalised families. My contact details are below if you would like to make a hardware donation. Unfortunately I can only collect donations from the Dublin area

In some corner of your life, you know more about something than anyone else on earth. The true measure of your education is not what you know, but how you share what you know with others.Ken Nerburn

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