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Frazer Coat of ArmsMy connection: James Myall (my Great Grandfather) married Ada Maria Frazer on 5 August 1894 in Holy Trinity Church, Haverstock Hill, Pancras, London.

Although Frazer is a Scottish name, there seems to be no connection with Scotland as these Frazers are true East Enders as far back as the turn of the 18th century. It was difficult to trace the family as the name is fairly commonplace in this densely populated area. Also, the spelling varies (e.g. Frazer or Fraser) and depended on who filled in the parish registers or censuses as to which form they used. With the predilection for using the same forenames, in each generation, it was very confusing.

The meaning of the name Frazer may come from the French word fraise meaning strawberry. It appears on the Frazer coat of arms as strawberry flowers, bestowed, in Scotland, at the time of William the Conqueror. The Frazer motto is : “Je suis prest” or “I am ready”.

William and Louisa Frazer (nee Ryland)

William Frazer was born in c. 1821 in St George in the East, London, Surrey. He married Louisa Ryland in 1841 in Lambeth, London and she was born in City Road, London.

He appears in the census for 1851 with his wife, Louisa and 5 children. He was a clock case maker and they were living at 4, Barbican Court, Aldersgate. I have been unable to trace any of them on subsequent censuses (except for their son William John) and the only other evidence of William Frazer is on William John’s marriage certificate in 1863 where he is recorded as still being a clock case maker. He may have died in around 1868.

Children of William and Louisa Frazer (nee Ryland):

  1. William John Frazer born c. 1842 in London, City
  2. Henry Frazer born c. 1846
  3. Joseph Frazer born c. 1846 (twins?)
  4. Thomas Frazer born c. 1849
  5. George Frazer born c. 1851

William John and Clara Frazer (nee Woolcott)

William John Frazer was born c 1842 in London City. He was a barometer maker, throughout his life. He married Clara Woolcott on 13 December 1863 at the parish church of St Bartholomew of Little Moorfields, London. He was living at 3 Bull Yard, Aldersgate and she was living at 3 Lindsay’s Cottage, New North Road.

Note: Variations of Clara maiden name appear on various records and include : Woollcott; Woolcot and even Woodcot)

Children of William John and Clara Frazer

  1. William Frederick Frazer born 28 Sept 1864. He died in March of 1868 age 3
  2. Henry Joseph Frazer born 4 June 1866 . He died March 1868 age 1.
  3. Clara Louisa Frazer born 2 May 1868
  4. John William Frazer baptised 10 August 1873
  5. Ada Maria Frazer born 12 Jan 1876.

Note:All 5 children were baptised at St Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury, London

Ada Maria Frazer (my Great Grandmother) was born in 1876 and married James Myall on 5 August 1894. She was only 18, at the time, although she is recorded as being 21. This is not uncommon as the age of majority was then 21. She was living at 3 Kirkwood Road, Haverstock Hill, Pancras and James was living at number 4. He was an ivory turner but Ada Maria is not recorded as having a profession but she had been a fur sewer.

James went on to be a tram conductor, living in London but then went to live in Southend, Essex where Ada died in 1932 age 56

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