My Photography Gallery

Photography was a big part of my life for years. Connecting with art, nature and beautiful things, identifying that perfect moment and hopefully doing it justice was my motivation. Below is a gallery of some of my favorites

My Photography Gallery
Scene Around Ireland

The one thing that we can sometimes take for granted living in Ireland is its stunning natural beauty, its sweeping landscapes and the fact you can reach the sea from anywhere in about a 90 minute drive or less (in my case 5 minutes). Our towns and cites are rich with "old meets new" architecture.  A quick drive outside there is an abundance quiet and tranquil waterways such as lakes, canals and winding rivers, perfect to get away from it all with your camera. How blessed am I living in Ireland?

Beyond Our Shores

Sometimes it is good get out of Ireland and experience other cultures, try new food and meet new people. I have been lucky to have traveled far and wide and always with my camera close by. These images are a small sample of what has caught my eye beyond our shores.

People and Portraiture

Photographing people fall into two categories controlled studio portraits and candid (three if you include Weddings or events). I have experience and enjoy all three, meeting people and witnessing their joy at the results. Here is a small sample. A word to the casual snapper, sausages are better than cheese 🙂

Nature and Wildlife

Showing off some of my images at a dinner I was invited to the host exclaimed "your photos are brilliant, you must have really good equipment". To which my reply was "Your meal was really tasty, you must have good pots and pans". Joking aside, here is a small sample of my more opportunistic images.

My Youtube Videos

Slideshow of my Gallery.  Video Editor: Kdenlive

My Kids having a great time at  Cambrils Park in Spain in 2016.  Video Editor: Kdenlive

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