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6x Great Grandfather William Woolcott born 1710 in London. He married Elizabeth Hartland on 21st June 1741 at St. Ann’s, Soho, Westminster, London.

Elizabeth Hartland was born 20 Jan 1716 and baptised at St. Faith Under St. Paul’s on 13 Feb 1716. Her parents were Richard Hartland and Mary Alson, who married on 8 May 1709 at Saint Benet, Paul’s Wharf.

5x Great Grandfather William Woolcott was born on 13 April 1742 and baptised at St. Ann’s, Soho, Westminster, London. He married Ann Baker on 7 April 1765 at St. James, Westminster. Ann Baker was born on 17 April 1742 and baptised at St. Anne, Soho, Westminster on 20 May 1742. Her parents were George and Mary Baker

4x Great Grandfather William Woolcott was born on 14 Dec 1766 and baptised at Swallow Street Scotch Church on 25 Dec 1766. He married Lydia Little in 1784 at St. Giles, Cripplegate. Lydia Little was born in 1770 and baptised on 20 Aug 1770 at Saint Andrew, Holborn. Her parents were Samuel Little and Elizabeth Lyne.

3x Great Grandfather Thomas Woolcott was born in April 1788 in Finsbury. He married Maria Davenport in Aldergate, London in 1812. Maria Davenport was born in 1789.


Children of Thomas Woolcott and Maria Davenport

  1. Thomas Samuel Woolcott born in 1814, Clerkenwell and baptised on 10 July 1814 at St. James Church, Clerkenwell. He was a carpenter and married Ann Carter on 25 Oct 1835 at St.Pancras, London.
  2. Frances Woolcott (female) born 1815 and baptised at St. John, Finsbury.
  3. George Woolcott born in 1817, Finsbury and baptised at St. John, Finsbury on 29 June 1817.
  4. Joseph Woolcott born 1819, Finsbury and baptised 21 March 1819 at St. John, Finsbury. He was a Commission Agent in Clifton, Bristol. He married Maria Frances Prior (b. 1821 in Sussex) at Marylebone, London in 1842. They had one son, Frank Woolcott born in 1843.
  5. Edward Woolcott was born 1822 and baptised in Feb 1822, Finsbury. He died in the same year at Pentonville, London.
  6. John Woolcott was born 1823 in Finsbury, London.
  7. Maria Jesse Woolcott was born in 1826 in Finsbury, London. She married William Reed at St Martin’s in the Field on 29 Aug 1842.they had 11 children.

William Francis Reed was born in 1821 and baptised at Lynecombe and Widcombe Parish Church, Bath Somerset. He was a Professor of Music at St.Pancras, London. William bigamously married Catherine Plamping (1834-1905) and they had three children. On his death, 1898, Maria turned up at the home of Catherine requesting William’s expensive violin and cello. On Maria’s death certificate in 1910, it states that she is the widow of William Reed, making it clear about her marital status.

2x Great Grandfather George Woolcott

George was born in 1817 and was baptised at St John, Finsbury on 29 June 1817. He became a carpenter and married Ann Panton on 3 Nov 1840 at Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate, London. Ann was born in Bristol c,1818. In the 1861 census they lived at 1, Whitmore Cottages, Islington. St Peter’s Finsbury, London

  1. Frederick – born 1842
  2. Clara – born 1844
  3. Maria – born c. 1848
  4. Amelia –born in 1850
  5. George – born 1854
  • All children were born in Clerkenwell, London
  • Frederick Woolcott became a lathe nailer for a plasterer and married Caroline (-?) who was born in Ireland
  • Maria Woollcott married John M Tooley, a coal merchant, in 1848 who later became a printer’s compositor.
  • Amelia Woolcott married Edmund Whitworth, who was a bricklayer’s labourer in 1881 but later became a horse-keeper (groom).
  • 1891 Census :Ann Woollcott (referred to as Nancy Woollcott) was living with her daughter, Amelia, and Edmund Whitworth. She was 73 and widowed
  • It’s George and Ann’s daughter Clara that connects the Woolcotts with the Frazers when she married William John Frazer in 1866

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